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Scintilla, the pre school and child care center believes that like every color, every child is unique .

Scintilla is the preschool which provides pre-schooling, child care and after school care services, caters to the age group of 5 months to 12 years. We believe that the early years of a child’s life are most important in terms of their general well being, their emotional and social development, and their physical, intellectual and emotional growth. Children develop at different paces and at a very high proportion of what they learn take place in the first five years.

We at Scintilla, covers the areas that encompass the development of the child by providing the learning opportunities that build on a child’s current knowledge and at the same time stretch their thinking and extend what they know about themselves, relating to others and the world around them.We take pride in saying we are not just a pre-school but a place where children are nurtured to be life-long learners and global citizens.

At Scintilla, we respect children as unique individuals, innate with limitless potential, curious and interested in their world around them. We acknowledge children as sophisticated thinkers and communicators, adopting hundreds of languages to share their thoughts and feelings. We embrace our role in providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment, where curiosity can be celebrated, understanding enhanced, and reciprocal conversations with trained facilitators encouraged.

Education at Scintilla is more than imparting knowledge; it’s about encouraging children to do significant things with what they’ve learnt.



Our curriculum is an integrated curriculum which is a blend of Montessori & Play way methodology. The model we follow is “I CONNECT" model of learning, a very practical and interactive way of approach that covers the generally accepted areas which help in the development of the whole child and is divided into 5 domains.

Domain 4

Cognition and General Knowledge – referring to the child’s ability to acquire knowledge by thinking about, understanding, and interacting with the world

Domain 5

Language,Communication, and Literacy – referring to the child’s ability to convey feeling or thought by speaking, gesturing, or writing so that the child is clearly understood and also able to interpret what others are communicating verbally, with gestures, or in writing.


At Scintilla, we keep focusing on how children develop and do not get distracted by “fads” and “Current trends” of early childhood that could cause to focus solely on literacy or math learning. But we will take care of the overall development of the child. 



An overview of our services


Age Intake: 1.5 yrs – 5.5 yrs  | Timings: 9 am – 12.30 pm, 

Division of Classes:

 Play Group: 1.5 yrs – 2.5 yrs |  Nursery: 2.5 yrs – 3.5 yrs,

 PP1 [Pre primary 1]: 3.5 yrs – 4.5 yrs |  PP2 [Pre primary 2]: 4.5 yrs – 5.5 yrs

Preschool with Child Care

Age Intake: 1.5 yrs – 5.5 yrs |  Timings: 9 am – 10 pm

( This program refers to those parents who want to opt for the care after preschool hours. )

Infant & Toddler care

Age Intake: 5 months – 17 months  

( We will take children from as young as 5 months and provide the best care services which will help in their overall development.)

Timings: 9 am – 10 pm | (program timings can be customized according to the parent  requirement)

After School Care

Age Intake: 1.5 yrs – 13 yrs

This program is for our children & also for those children who study in other schools and come here for activities like:  

Drawing & Painting | Arts & Crafts |  Western Dance |  Classical Dance - Kuchipudi |  Gymnastics & Aerobics

Summer Camp

Age Intake: 1.5 yrs – 15 yrs

Summer camp will start in between April and May wherein minimum 40 different activities will be conducted. Generally registrations will be open in the 1st week of March



Ideal setting for nurturing a child 

  4500 Sft Fully Air Conditioned campus with power backup facility

 The premises are clean, well lit, adequately ventilated and well maintained

 Indoor Play Area & Out Door Play Area


Play areas are fully equipped with suitable toys & play materials to provide stimulating activities and play opportunities which are appropriate for the ages and individual development needs of the children.



Your child deserves the best

We are passionate when it comes to our children. We recruit people who are well qualified,  experienced in their respective line of duty and can understand the child. We will maintain a very good Teacher to Child ratio per class. Also for every 5 kids there will be a Care taker apart  from the Teacher to look after the children. At Scintilla, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our teachers. We seek out individuals with a love for children, a passion for learning and an ability to teach, supported by professional qualifications and experience. Each and every teacher is selected through a rigorous recruitment process. On joining our pre-schools, teachers undergo expansive training. They establish specific goals for their children, as well as how they will teach. They make decisions about learning experiences, resources, design and location of the learning environment, routines, group interactions and strategies for assessment. 

Our teachers are life-long learners. Continuously guided, coached and encouraged to disseminate best practices in our school. Facilitating this we provide continuous professional development by exposing our teachers to best global practices in early child development.


Safety and Security

Your child is safe with us



Your child's comfort is our priority

<span style=Daily Activity Report" class="scale-with-grid" />

Daily Activity Report

The entire observation report of the child which includes Academic, Activities, Food & Sleep updates will be enclosed on daily basis.
<span style=Customer care" class="scale-with-grid" />

Customer care

We have a Customer care alert system wherein Day to Day requests will be updated. After the completion of every request a message will be sent to the parent.
<span style=FOOD" class="scale-with-grid" />


We serve pure vegetarian multi cuisine nutritious food and assistance will be there to feed the child.
<span style=Transportation (Air conditioned)" class="scale-with-grid" />

Transportation (Air conditioned)

Air conditioned vehicle with dual AC cool cabin with single sided door and child lock facility. A care - taker will be there in the Van during the travel time to look after the children.
<span style=Remote Surveillance" class="scale-with-grid" />

Remote Surveillance

You can watch your child live from anywhere in the world through our advanced CCTV system. We will give you the log in id and password, with a simple login you will be able to view your child.



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